Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Glassell School of Art, Houston, TX

Advanced 2D Critique, Terrell James, 2019

     Advanced Painting, Michael Bise, 2014 - Francesca Fuchs, 2015 - Brian Portman, 2016
     Abstract Essentials, Arielle Masson, 2013, 2014

     Color, Arthur Turner, 2009, 2017 - Robert Ruello, 2018

Audrey Phillips Workshop, Florida

       Advanced Painting Immersion, 2019

Ah Haa School of Art, Telluride, CO

     Abstract Painting, Krista Harris, 2017

     The Figure & the Natural World, Ying Li, 2016

Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Snowmass Village, CO

     Advanced Painting: Studio Practice & Critique, Linda Geary, 2016

     Abstract Painting, Emilio Perez, 2014

     Picture Material, Annie Lapin, 2014

     Acrylic Innovation, Nancy Reyner, 2012

Arrowmont School of Art, Gatlinburg, TN

     Contemporary Approaches to Painting with Acrylic, Kristy Deetz 2015

     Abtract Painting, John Bissonette, 2013

Studio Workshop, Santa Fe, NM

     Exploring Abstract Painting, Krista Harris, 2017

Watercolor Society of Houston, TX

     Workshops, Susan Giannantonio, 2013 - Mary Wilbanks, 2013

Art League of Houston, TX

     Painting Workshops, Liz Hall 2010 - Whitney Riley, 2011 - Jonathan Leech, 2012